Real estate programs

Homunity rigorously selects each of the projects given below. Once these projects have been subscribed in their entirety you can always consult them in the « Completed Programs » register. When you decide to invest, your investment is on your personal account and you can view it at any time.

Le Patio de Carmel

1 500 000€

Here you can find all investment opportunities for the French territory.


Each program has been audited according to more than 40 specific points.

Investment file

You will find each time a summary file informing you about the investment project.

Funded projects

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{{ }} {{ project.target_price.toLocaleString('fr-FR') }} €

Refunded projects

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The proposed projects present a risk of partial or total loss of invested capital as well as a risk of illiquidity. Find a complete risk analysis in the "What are the risks?" on the F.A.Q page.


Homunity charges the issuer a collection fee (5% excluding the amounts collected). For example, out of the € 200,000 collected, Homunity does not charge any investors fees, and collects € 10,000 excluding collection costs. In case of payment by credit card, 8 € of fees are charged to the investor. In the case of payment by transfer, the investor pays no fees.


The income collected is subject to the Single Fixed Payment, ie a single tax capped at 30% (including 17,2% of social security contributions and 12,8% of taxation). You must always report this income as « household income ».

For people whose TMI (Tax Marginal Rate) would be lower than 12%, know that it is possible to ask not to be subject to this Flat Tax 30%. You will then pay as was the case before the new Finance Act the social security contributions (now 17.2%) + your usual TMI.